F(5) On a Lighter Note…Style Q&A

With so much hurt in people’s lives these past few days I just thought I would post something a little on the lighter side today.  So many are struggling right now…physically, emotionally and spiritually!  In the midst of all of it I’ve been asked lots of style questions lately.  So I decided to answer them on this week’s F(5) edition Q&A style!  You know me, I’m all about getting back to my personal shopping roots helping people find classic, frugal finds that don’t break the bank but will be a great, quality addition to their wardrobes.  So let’s take a little break and lighten the load for a bit.  What do you say?

Is there such a thing as affordable kitten-heel boots?

This one came from my bestie…aka my sister.  I’ve made it my mission to find her affordable kitten-heel boots just in time for those engagement photos…and with her they MUST be black.  I’m happy to say…mission accomplished!  Thankfully I found these beauties online and didn’t have to go into the temptation of this store!  Of course she asked me this BEFORE her fiance’s accident on Wednesday afternoon.  So now we just need to get his broken arm healed up and we’ll be in business for that photo session!  Prayers going out for you both…love you Shell & Dave!

I don’t have any skinny jeans.  They seem so uncomfortable.  Where can I find comfortable skinny jeans?

Skinnies are everywhere these days and they are not all created equal, let me tell ya!  Comfort is key…especially when you’re a busy mom.  My latest comfortable find has been these LC Lauren Conrad terry pant in indigo blue with just a hint of stretch.   These are NOT be confused with pajama jeans but give the look of denim in a jegging sort of way.  They are SO comfortable!  And of course they were on sale PLUS I had a Kohl’s coupon…just can’t beat that!

How do you wear heels ALL the time? 

Well…for me…I have nerve pain everywhere.  The pain I feel in my feet is not from my shoes.  Even if I could feel the pain from my heels it’s nothing compared to that.  But for everybody else, you need to find comfortable heels.  Platforms are a great way to get height and comfort…believe it or not.  The arch looks vicious…but it’s an illusion and a round toe lets your little piggies breathe squash-free for all of you who are afraid of the pointed toe…problem solved!  Invest in a great nude pair…they go with everything and make your legs look a mile long…who doesn’t want that?  These are SO on my list for January 1! 😉

I think I want to get a brown coat.  What do you think?

As a redhead I love myself a great brown.  As I said last week, it is so much less expected.  With something like outerwear I always suggest to buy something that will stand the test of time.  A classic trench in camel like this one will last for decades if it is well made and well cared for.  Camel goes with EVERYTHING!  You can pair it with black or brown boots and absolutely any bright color.  Don’t skimp when it comes to an investment piece.  It will be worth the price when consider how many years you will own and wear it.  No one makes better outerwear than J.Crew…and not because I used to work there.  The quality is second to none!  You can’t go wrong with this brown!

How do you get out of the house on time all put together with 3 kids?

I’ve been asked to share my secrets and they are quite simple actually.  I always get everyone’s clothes out the night before including my jewelry, shoes and accessories.  I also shower at night…with long hair it is a must for adequate drying time.  I make lunches, get coats & backpacks hung on the adequate hooks, my bags packed and my phone on the charger before I go to bed.  In essence, I do as much as possible the evening before because mama is NOT a morning person.  I also try to get up and ready before my children wake up.  This helps me be much more awake to greet them.  I try to get at least a 20 minute head-start waking up by 6:30 a.m.  Another thing is expect the unexpected.  Of course you’re going to encounter a last-minute traffic jam, dirty diaper or temper tantrum.  Go with it and give yourself an extra 15 minutes.  You’ll use them…and if you don’t…you’ll be early…which hardly ever happens with kids in tow!  One thing I always have on hand (as I am backing out of the garage usually) is a lip gloss tucked in the outside pocket of the diaper bag.  It pulls it all together for me!  I’ve tried them all and my most favorite is Mary Kay’s NouriShine Lip Gloss.  One of the best colors is Sweet Raisin.  It’s neutral and goes with just about anything with just enough color and just enough shine for day or night.

Now the real truth is…it’s really easy to put on a facade of being put together when on the inside…we’re falling apart.  When the going gets tough sometimes the easiest thing to do is cover it all up…believe me, I know…I’m really good at it.  My best secret for really being put together is to let God into whatever I’m dealing with and stop trying to do everything by myself.  At the chore of all of us is a spiritual being who needs to be healed in some way, shape or form.  Whatever you’re struggling with God knows your need before you even ask.  If you’re not okay…just say so…He wants to hear from you and He wants to help!  And when we begin to open up and become transparent and let others see our hurt, God uses that to heal us even more.  And who knows…you might be helping someone else in the process!  Let your true beauty shine through…even if the process seems ugly.  There is much blessing that comes…to you and others…in embracing the ugly-beautiful in life and giving the hurt to the One who is strong enough to carry it for you.  May we all find ourselves a little lighter today my friends!

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”  Matthew 11:28-30