Morning Glory

Do you remember the ballot proposal back in 2006 of whether or not the State of Michigan should allow a hunting season of the mourning dove…a song bird and Michigan’s “state bird of peace”.  Well when I got to the voting booth I actually voted “yes” and thought ” Oh yeah, shoot those little suckers!”…and do you know why?  They woke me up all summer long between 5:30 and 6 AM!  Ugh!  Yeah…not one of my finest moments, but much like the Friends episode where Rachel was irate with Joey and Chandler because their rooster woke her up, I felt very similar when it came to those blasted birds every single morning.  Needless to say, I am SO NOT a morning person! 

I happen to be married to a morning person.  Nathan wakes up chipper, happy with a tune in his head that he often sings or whistles.  He even has a “Good Morning” song.   The mere sound of it (especially before 6:30 a.m.) makes my blood boil…and he knows it and of course he’s taught it to Emalynn…it’s a little more cute when she sings it though ;)!  Being married for over 9 years now Nathan wakes me in a very distinct way, always with a smile on his face and my “cream with coffee” in the bathroom waiting for me with the “bright light” in our bathroom OFF.  Yes, he is wonderful!  But me on the other hand…for the first 15 minutes of the day I need 3 things…quiet, calm, and caffeine…which lets face it, doesn’t always happen.  I really make it a point to get out of bed before my children wake up because I don’t want them to see me so crabby!

Nathan has passed his “morning person” genes onto two of our children.  Emalynn wakes up and in the instant her eyes are open she’s on the move raring to go.  Even Jackson wakes up happy screeching “DA-da-DAD” through the baby monitor.  Once he proclaims his undying love for his father he stands up in his crib and shouts “AH!” over to Maxwell as if to say “Hey…wake up…it’s morning!”  Now Maxwell…he’s a sleeper.  He will hear the sounds of morning, roll over and cover his head with his blanket.  He and mama are in the same corner!  At least I have one on my side, right?

This makes no sense really because I am a pleasant person but for the first 15 minutes of the day it’s as if I’m someone else!  Have you ever seen the movie Steel Magnolias?  It is one of my favorite movies!  Once I’m awake I feel most like the character Shelby…a happy young mom, totally in love with my husband dreaming of one day being “covered in grandchildren”.  But when I’m waking up my alter ego is more like Shirley Maclain’s character, the wretched Ouiser who claims “I AM PLEASANT!” but any moment is ready to tell Nathan to take his “Good Morning” song and “shove it where the sun doesn’t shine”.  It’s just awful!  I always feel terrible later and have to tell him how sorry I am for being so ornery.  He just laughs it off but oh, I am just not myself when I first wake up.

My lack of “morning glory” has gotten worse in recent years with the onset of chronic pain and the trouble sleeping that comes along with it, but that is no excuse.  Every morning I have a choice to make and all too often I make the wrong one.  When I wake up grouchy I act as if I am not thankful that God has given me the gift of another day and it’s something that I really don’t understand because I am thankful.  I really wrestle with the fact that I know better…I know that  I don’t deserve any of the blessings God has given me or even each breath I take.  Every time I wake up and belittle his creation of a new day for me it’s as if I’m ungrateful.   

I no longer want to wake up and say “Good lord, it’s morning”…I want to say “Good morning, LORD.” 

This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.  Psalm 118:24

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