F(5) Shopping for my Bestie

My sister and BFF is my inspiration this week!  She is my partner in crime when it comes to shopping.  I can always count on her for an honest opinion and we’ve spent many, many, MANY hours together shopping for fabulous fashion finds!  She wants to update her wardrobe for summer so that what I bring her (and you) this week!

Shell and I recently saw a fantastic bright pink slouchy bag in People StyleWatch.  It was however insanely over-priced so my duty is to find her an impecable imposter.  My find?  Enter Etsy!  This Irish Tote in hot pink is the perfect fit!  If anyone can appreciate handmade fashion it’s my talented tailor of a sister and something tells me that for only $35 she’ll be willing to order versus obsess until it’s complete.  Mission…possible!

My next mission…wearable wedges.  My sister knows a fabulous pair of shoes when she sees them…she is my sister after all.  However…wearing them is another story.  I personally can’t feel my feet all that well…she can!  So…I need to find the perfect pair of wedges that won’t torture her tootsies.  These platform embellished wedges are just the ticket…a little bling, NOT gold, and not too dainty…she will love them…I just know it!  Don’t let the height make you think they’ll be uncomfortable…a platform is much more comfortable than a standard heel…trust me!

Now onto accessories.  My sister loves them!  She can take a plain black T and make it look fabulous with a great handmade necklace…much like my good friend Chrissy.  A little birdie told me this is exactly what she’s looking for and look what I found in Chrissy’s Etsy shop!  Whal-la!  I think I’d better find the perfect LBD to go with it.  Hmm…I think I’m onto a hot summer ensemble for my Bestie here!

My sister’s signature color is black.  She always wears black.  While some say it isn’t a color…I beg to differ.  It is classic, sophisticated and hello…flattering!  So I am trying to find her a summer LBD that is comfortable and can be casual or stepped up a notch for a hot date!  This is it…and I should know…I own it!  Does it matter that we have the same dress?  Not in the least…and it certainly isn’t the first time!  In a comfortable lightweight cotton this dress can be worn with flippies (as my sister affectionately calls flip-flops) or paired with strappy heels for a night on the town.  With a flattering V-neck and length just above the knee it’s a great summer option for $20 at our beloved Target.  My husband loves this dress by the way so if you’re looking for something to catch his eye…this is it!  Just sayin’!

So…what could tie all of this together?  A jacket of course!  My sister constantly sports a North Face fleece in what other color than black.  I want to find her a great summer jacket to replace that until fall…that she will actually hang it up for!  It has to be comfortable and wearable or out comes the North Face again…I know my sis!  This is going to be a tough sell but she should really jump on the cropped white denim jacket train.  She’s not a white fan…but here’s hoping!  I have all kinds of outfit ideas from her wardrobe rolling around in my head with this piece.  Will she go for it?  I’m not sure but I hope so!

As I’ve said my times, my sister is my best friend and one of my guardian angels.  There is nothing she wouldn’t…or hasn’t done for me more like it.  She is always there and willing to help me whether I ask or not.  She loves my children and has fostered incredible relationships with them.  Her adoration shows in the immense amounts of time she spends with them…not because she has to…because she wants to.  She is for sure a cool, fun aunt!  There isn’t anyone I’d rather shop with so hopefully we can find some time to go out and try on some of these finds.  Until next week my friends…enjoy your weekend, to all of you Moms…Happy Mother’s Day!  Tomorrow I will share the many things I have learned as a mom.  Happy shopping (hopefully with your Bestie) and remember, while it’s fashionably fun to be beautiful on the outside, true beauty that shines through from the inside is what really matters! XOXO

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 NIV
Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work; If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!

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