Day 18- Snow Day ❄️

The only thing better than a snow day is when you are notified the night before that school will be closed! It’s the best! Having my kiddos home when the weather is frightful makes me so happy!! And the view of the blanketed woods is just gorgeous!

I decided to make them a special treat…super easy air-fried donuts. It’s certainly not something I partake in, but they were excited!

I took an 8-pack of jumbo refrigerated buttery biscuits and cut holes in the center. Then I dipped them in cinnamon and sugar.

Every air-fryer is different. I put them in the basket at 360* for about 10 minutes and flipped them half way through and they were perfect.

As you can see, Molly Bear was excited too!

With this wintery weather there might be some twinkle lights in my future!! I won’t be taking the pumpkins down, but I might add some greenery and lights today. *MIGHT* I can’t rob my beloved Thanksgiving with a Christmas tree but we can get some wintery things out…maybe.

Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him. Psalm 34:8