Day 30 – Lost & Found

Have you ever lost something and felt just sick about it?  A couple of years ago I had a wonderfully broken-in pair of long, elbow-length black lambskin leather gloves that I wore with capes, 3/4 length-sleeve sweaters and wraps.  I wore them ALL the time!  I was out and about and left them in the bottom of the cart.  My mom had gotten them for me for Christmas several years earlier.  I called the store a few times but no one had turned them in.  Then I couldn’t replace them because absolutely no one carried that style.  Such a bummer!

This fall at Target I found another pair of the same type of gloves…they are finally back ‘in fashion’ I guess-?…and they were lined and even warmer!  I decided to wait a few weeks because it wasn’t cold enough to need them yet, and then of course they were gone.  So I ordered them online and when they arrived it was like Christmas all over again.  Well today at the outlet mall with my mom, sister and Reagan I discovered that they were gone.  It was like I lost the first pair all over again.  I re-traced my steps and they were nowhere to be found.  Just before we left my mom stopped into the first store we went into and lo and behold they were at the checkout!  I was so happy…even happier than when I opened the first pair!  And how ironic that my mom found them, right!?

We had a great time together today.  With the arrival of each of our blessed children it seems like that quality time together we once took for granted has been seemingly lost.  But today we found some and it was a blast.  Not only am I grateful for the relationships with my sister, my mom and my niece but the time we were able to spend together today!  Just like I will be keeping a much closer eye on what I do with my gloves from now on hoping NOT to lose them again…I will be making more of an effort to spend more intentional time with those special ladies in my life!

Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God.  Philippians 1:3 (NLT)