Prayerful Planner

In 2019 I went back to the stone ages and started using a paper planner again. It helped my brain to keep everything straight with kids and work and church and family and friends and…all of it. Late last year I found the “Prayerful Planner” and ordered it. I love the sections for daily Scripture writing, gratitude and praise, prayer, and priorities and plans. There was one problem however.

Each day there is a section for “Physical Health”. Ugh. My physical health was not.good. My blood pressure was on the rise, my weight was up, I needed another surgery this spring and I just wished that section was not there. But, God….

After my 9th surgery on March 14 it felt as if I was starting all over again on my near 20 year illness journey. My diagnoses were all colliding with one another and I didn’t know what to do. I needed a way to cope because I wasn’t able to keep the status quo of keeping my head above water. I was drowning. I prayed and asked God what I was supposed to do.

Right around the same time we were introduced to a new health program through Nathan’s cousin called the Habits of Health along with an accompanying food program. I was very hesitant because with previous eating and body image issues I didn’t want another ‘diet’ program that would trigger negative thoughts and behaviors. Many times when people think I looked my best, I was actually feeling my worst and very ill. God made it very clear through prayer that we were both supposed to do it together. So on April 1 we began this program that focuses on all aspects of health from what I am putting into my body, to how much sleep I am getting to habits of healthy motion and surroundings…not just simply weight loss. Since then my blood pressure is stable, I have more energy, I am sleeping all night and I have lost over 20 pounds.

This doesn’t mean that I am cured or that I am in remission. I still have bad…some very, very bad…days. I still have pain, migraines and a much needed spinal pain stimulator and many side effects. But I have found what my part in all of this is supposed to be. I am honoring God with the body He has given me. It isn’t always easy, but however bruised and battered my body is, it is still a gift.

Just like feeling led to write a Bible Study for those like me who suffer from the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual effects chronic illness, I also felt led through prayer to become a health coach with the Habits of Health to come alongside others on their journeys. It is so exciting to see others take steps toward finding God’s best for them. Who would have thought I would ever be a health coach?! What!?

Now instead of looking at the physical health section of my planner with doubt and discouragement, I am feeling dedicated and disciplined because God brought me here. I am so grateful that He didn’t leave me in a place of overwhelming uncertainty. He is faithful when we call out to Him with our deepest needs.

‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’ Jeremiah 33:3

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