What God Wants for Christmas

This morning I came across the following poem…

What can I give Him

Poor as I am?

If I were a shepherd,

I would give Him a lamb.

If I were a Wise Man,

I would do my part-

But what I can give Him,

Give my heart.

It reminded me of a special gift my mom and dad gave our children years ago called “What God Wants for Christmas” by Barbara Rainey of FamilyLife.  It comes with a book and 7 boxes.  Each day you read a part of the story and open a box and it goes through the Christmas story.  On the 7th day inside the box is a mirror and the book says… “What does God want for Christmas?  You, the one He created!”  It is such a sweet way to go through the Christmas story with little ones.  It is also a wonderful reminder for us all as we prepare Him room that all Jesus wants in all of creation is our hearts.

We love because He first loves us.  1 John 4:19

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