Arise and Shine

I was very disappointed this morning that part of my Christmas tree was dark. Part of one of the light strands burned out. I have absolutely zero patience for checking light bulbs so a new strand had to be added. Blast it all!

As I sat to prepare Him room this morning I was grateful for the object lesson. I have been feeling like I am sort of partially dark as well this week…like I wasn’t shining as brightly as I could be. But then the Lord has shown me so many times in so many interactions this week that He doesn’t waste anything. His Light shines through…I can’t muster it up or even put it out if I tried. It’s HIM in me…in the pain, in the battle, in the trenches…He is here and He is shining through it all.

Amy Carmichael said it so well….

Give me the Love that leads the way

The faith that nothing can dismay

The hope no disappointments Tire,

The passion that will burn like fire

Let me not sink to be a clod

Make me Thy fuel, Flame if God

“Arise and shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you.” Isaiah 60:1

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