Day 12- My cup runneth over

Growing up my mom drank hot tea every single morning. Coffee was not her thing…but if she didn’t have her tea…have mercy.  By the time middle school came along I knew exactly how to make it. Cream, sugar and searing hot delivered to her bathroom right before she got out of bed. I learned very young to be careful with tea and not to fill the cup too full, it will stain your favorite white Guess? shirt like nobody’s business!

This morning after having been up nearly all night coughing I am so grateful for soothing, hot tea. It reminds me that my cup truly runneth over with blessings. I am grateful for my new Duluth “noga” pants and old worn-in J. Crew sweatshirt that I will be living in today trying to catch up on much needed rest. I am thankful for our little guy reminding me that he has his math test today. “Mommy, will you pray for that in the car?” I’m grateful for heated leather seats that I certainly don’t need! And I am thankful that God’s Word surrounds and comforts me like nothing else…and this photo my dear friend sent me last night to remind me.

Whatever you find yourselves facing today, may your cups runneth over as well, friends so that your joy leads others to hope in the One from which all blessings flow.

LORD, you alone are my inheritance, my cup of blessing. You guard all that is mine.
Psalm 16:5

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