Day 19- Sunday Fun-day

After church this morning we headed to the mall to run an errand and had a little fun in the process.  Jackson kept us entertained as usual.  During lunch he wanted to know what a lemon tastes like.  So like good parents, we let him…and had the camera ready.




We walked over to Barnes & Noble and Em was in heaven with the Star Wars book display.  She’s read a lot of them but lets just say mama got lots of Christmas ideas!

And much to Maxwell’s dismay I was the slug bug champion on the car ride home…even calling a yellow one out going by on an overpass!  Something tells me next week he will want to be on mama’s team!

Nathan and I look at each other all the time and say to one another …aren’t they fun?!  We so enjoy our family time together no matter what we’re doing. Today I am grateful for worship, rest and family fun!

Your love has given me great joy and encouragement.  Philemon 1:7a


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