Day 14 – Never Alone

Every morning before Jackson comes downstairs for breakfast he always grabs one or two of his favorite stuffed animal “friends”.     The reason is that he likes to leave them in my car as my “co-pilots”.  I drive a Honda Pilot so he thinks it’s hilarious…but he puts them in my car so that I won’t be alone.  He knows it makes me sad when my kiddos go to school, so having a little piece of him with me is his kind gesture to me.  Isn’t he just so sweet?

On a physical level when my babies go to school and I don’t happen to have my little sidekick, Reagan, like today, being alone can be a little sad.  But today was a different!  I was scheduled to speak at Bible Study this morning about how fear is the nemesis of faith.  The Lord led me to share some very private and personal, emotional things in front of 300 (+/-) women.  Now normally my mind would be freaked out and on a typical day I would feel nauseous, exhausted and pain-ridden not to mention completely stressed, after all I would always rather than sing a song than ever speak!  But on the contrary…I woke up with complete peace knowing the Lord had given me the message and He was with me in a special way.  The prayers of so many people were surrounding me…and He was going before me and standing behind me.  I wasn’t alone.  (You can listen to the message here …music video referenced here).

The truth is on every level, I am never alone.  The Lord is always with me.  When I feel the prayers of those who love the Lord and love me surrounding me…and I look down in my car and see the sweet gift of my little boy’s thoughtfulness, when I am given the peace that transcends all understanding…like feeling well and not even all that freaked out about speaking very honestly in-front-of 300 women…I am so grateful for the Lord’s everlasting presence in my life.  He will never leave me nor forsake me.

The LORD replied, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”  Exodus 33:14

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