What’s my Emoji?

My husband likes to play this annoying game with me. He finds it absolutely hysterical in the middle of a conversation to count how many times I have a “mood swing”. He then chimes out in a high singing chant “Mood swing!” which inevitably irritates me bringing on another…and usually another…and so on. I have the ability to change my mood quite rapidly…and my facial expression typically follows suit.

I personally prefer face-to-face, one-on-one communication with people. However, in our ever-changing digital age we communicate much of the time through devices. This has me worried at times for the generations to come in their ability to properly speak to other human beings…but that is another topic all together. The clever invention of the emoji has greatly increased our ability to express the tone of simple written messages. For instance the phrase “Yay!” can be expressed in multiple ways. When one is excited “Yay!” can be followed with 🙌🏻 giving someone a virtual high five! “Yay” can also be followed with 😒…as in “yeah, not so much”…or even a facetious 😉. Where words once fell flat a simple emoji can communicate mood, tone and inflection to text messages and Facebook comments to emails and blog posts. This got me wondering…what’s my emoji?

Read more over at You are God’s Masterpiece– a blog about knowing who you are in Christ and how to live free from eating and body image struggles by MIEDA Ministries.



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