Day 28- Doc

Twelve years ago today Nathan and I were astonished…shocked!…to find out that we were going to be parents.  We were so scared.  Could I even carry a baby?  My body was such a mess!  I was on so many drugs!  Would this baby be okay?  We hit our knees, cried out to God, and grew up really fast!

I went to see our beloved family doctor today for Jackson’s well-child visit…little did I know 12 years ago I would be taking our 3rd baby for his nearly 7-year visit.  He said to me… You have come such a long way since I first met you.  You’re so vibrant now!   I responded with … Well its not me!  He knows that.  He has been a big part of my journey.

When I first met Doc he knew my guard was up when it came to doctors.  I simply didn’t trust them.  Just a few short weeks after meeting him and a positive pregnancy test later, I landed right back in his office and he was delighted with the news.  The very next Sunday Nathan and I were sitting in church waiting for the service to start and we were surprised to see Doc!  He was just as surprised to see us and told us that had been going to our church since the ‘old Michigan street days’.  What peace flooded my soul and all the fear and anxiety I had melted away.  I knew right then and there God has led me to the right doctor for my complicated medical care.

Nine months later, the very day our sweet Emalynn was born, Doc came to the hospital at the end of the day to do a newborn check-up on her.  After seeing me in my new role as a mama a few months in, he told me that he really believed that motherhood was God’s best medicine for me.  After twelve years and two more babies, I couldn’t agree more!

What a gift this man has been to our family.  His great wisdom and discernment coupled with his love for serving people is something that absolutely cannot be fabricated.  Today I am so grateful for a doctor that I cannot only trust, but who truly loves and cares for our family.  Thanks, Doc….we love and appreciate you!

And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.  Colossians 3:17

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