Day 20- Movie Marathon

What is it about a story that draws us in as human beings?  I think its why reality TV is so popular.  We love to hear the stories of other’s lives.  Coming into a holiday week…my favorite by the way…we are participating in an old Heydenburg family tradition…the movie marathon.  Star Wars…one of the best stories ever made into a series…is our choice today following in Grandpa Paul’s footsteps.  I cannot tell you how many countless times we did this growing up whether it was while we put Legos together, had friends over for pizza, or just popped popcorn and hit play on the good ol’ VHS.

fullsizerender-71These days movie marathons are a little different …complete with gluten-free pizza, surround sound, digital technology and most importantly a glass of cranberry wine from Leelanau Cellars.  If you haven’t tried it…it’s the holidays in a glass and exquisite!  Tonight is Jackson’s first time watching Episode III – Revenge of the Sith …LOTS of questions being answered around here.  I know how my dad felt when he would say after I asked question after question… you have to just watch!  

This episode is my least favorite…it makes me so sad…I cry every time.  I prefer Episode II when Anikin and Padme fall in love.  But as my sister says, it is all-imporant to know how one of the greatest villains…or the greatest in her mind…of cinematic history was established.  Yeah, yeah…I still prefer to skip to A New Hope and fill in the blanks with questions my kiddos asked when they were too young to watch it.

Tonight I am thankful for family traditions that span generations.  I am thankful that the same story I grew up watching actually interests my children and we can all watch it together.  I am also so grateful that our parents shared the greatest story ever told over and over and they lived their lives in a way that the story of Jesus is one that my children also know.  To us He is so much more than a story and the questions of good and evil don’t end with the force and the dark side.  His love endures forever and His faithfulness continues through all generations.

For the LORD is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.  Psalm 100:5

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