Day 16- The Simple Things

I woke up orn.ery this morning!  I was feeling yucky and remembered right away I have to go see a new surgeon today…and I just didn’t want to go.  He’s also a year younger than I am.  Really!?  They keep getting younger and younger!  The last thing I want to feel is old AND meet a new doctor and have to explain to him my entire medical history in the 5 minutes they give you.  It’s seemingly impossible.  Ugh.image

Starbucks to the rescue!  My husband has totally turned me into a coffee snob.  I have to grind my own beans and everything.  It’s ridiculous.  And I may not be able to eat a Carmel Delight or a Thin Mint…will they ever make them gluten free!?…but by golly my coffee can taste like them!  Yeah, baby!

Sometimes, my friends, in the midst of this messy life, it’s the little things that can pick us up.  Like on our way to Maxwell’s orthodontist appointment this morning…he said something so funny…I can’t even remember what…and I was so grateful.  I needed to laugh.  So whether it’s your favorite song or the smile of your little one…savor the simple things today, friends!

Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.  Psalm 34:8

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