Day #21- A voice

Yesterday when I awoke with laryngitis I was a little bit nervous because this morning I was scheduled to speak for the wonderful ladies of our MOPS group at church.  Many people were praying and God faithfully restored my voice enough this morning to share some key parts of my story to encourage my fellow mamas.  After leaving church today I stopped at the church I grew up in to see my sister.  As I walked the halls it was ironic how in that building for so many years I used my voice so freely to praise the Lord.  When I got sick, it was if I had a sort of spiritual laryngitis.  I was afraid to sing, afraid to speak, afraid to tell what God was doing in my life.  But through telling my story…rather God’s ongoing story in me…He has healed me, freed me, and restored me to praising His name so freely…no matter what…just as I did before I got sick.  The fear is gone…for it is a lie.  I am so thankful He has given me the courage and the faith to use the voice He has given me to honor Him and give Him the glory for all He has so graciously done in my life.

Let the redeemed of the LORD tell their story– those he redeemed from the hand of the foe.  Psalm 107:2

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