My Prayer for You…

Michelle, it is by the grace of God that I have the blessing to call you my sister.  You are such a gift to me.  Even though God gave me more than the best sister in the world…He gave me a best friend…I have still wanted more.  I have always wanted a brother.  God graciously answered that prayer for me today and I am so thankful.

I always thought that on your wedding day I would recite the age-old Irish Blessing about the road rising to meet you and the wind always being at your back and the sun always shining warm upon your face.  But God has taught me a thing or two about my stubborn Irish red-headed ways.  He taught me that while those wishes are good…His ways are best.  Just as it was His plan for the two of you to be joined together today as one, He has had your story written since before time began.  He loves you that much.  It won’t be what you or I would write for you for sometimes you will find that the road won’t seem to rise to meet you…sometimes there will be wind and rain and the sun will be no where in sight.  Sometimes the path we find ourselves on isn’t the one we would choose…but in the end…we find it was actually best because the stories that God writes are far beyond the wildest dreams of even the greatest of human minds.  The stories that God writes for us aren’t just better…they are the best.  So while I thought I would wish you a happily ever after, I don’t hope your life is the fairytale you always dreamed it would be.  I pray that what God has written for you is far greater than you could ever possibly dream and that you are not just merely happy…but overflowing with joy and thankfulness.  To Dave and Michelle…may your life together be immeasurably more than you could ever ask or imagine.

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