Fat Tuesday…

No tomorrow isn’t Ash Wednesday but today is my Fat Tuesday.  Not that I am partying it up or anything…it’s just the day before my 21 day Daniel Fast.  While Jesus tells us in Matthew 6 not to be obvious in fast and to do so in secret this one I am going to need a little accountability for so I feel the need to share.  A lot of people are asking me why I am doing the partial fast and are telling me how difficult it is going to be…but I am actually excited!  I am looking forward to it!  I feel like there is no better way to begin a new year than to weed out all the “stuff” and start fresh focusing on my Lord.

When I think about the next 21 days I know I will be tempted to cheat…but I know that I won’t.  What I know about myself is that I am all or nothing.  When I made the decision to give up bread, pasta and gluten it was a decision I made and I stuck to it…with accountability and help.  If I can do that..I can give up meat, dairy, and sugar in addition to it.  I don’t think anything has ever been harder for me than giving up gluten…well maybe except drugs…that’s probably it though.  But I still did it with the help of the Lord.

Another thing is that I can’t think in terms of forever.  I don’t know what God will reveal to me in regard to what I should or shouldn’t be putting into my body.  I do believe a detox will make me feel better physically in the long run.  I feel the need to start there rather than going to my doctor with my laundry list of health problems…again…just so he can either give me a drug to “see if it helps” or go down the road of testing after lab after specialist…again.  Why not start with the basics first?  But just like not acknowledging that I will be in pain everyday for the rest of my life…or not allowing myself to think that I will never again be able to eat normally at the Olive Garden stuffing myself with bread sticks and pasta…I must think of today.  Today is what I have…a blessed gift from above.  I feel led that this is what God wants me to do so I am going to do it.

Sometimes doing what God tells us to do doesn’t make sense to others…and that’s okay…it doesn’t need to.  I think I could write a book about the subject.  But just like everyone else I am on a journey and I am trusting the Lord to guide me to whatever He has for me.  A year ago I would have been very scared.  But now I know God has prepared me for whatever is to come…and it’s only in the physical sense that I will feel deprived…in turn opening myself to receive what God will give me spiritually!  Which is so much greater than mere food.  Again…it’s exciting.  My pantry is stocked with beans and the refrigerator with produce.  I am focusing on what I CAN have…not what I can’t…and looking upward.

Jesus tells us during fasting not to be downcast and I really don’t feel that way.  I want to be closer to Him.  While I would love to close myself off from the world around me to focus more on Him I know that isn’t completely possible.  I will however be limiting social media and won’t be posting unless prompted.  So I may be quiet for while.  I wonder….is there something God might have for you to become closer to Him?  Maybe you are facing something that you never even imagined…maybe you have a dilemma and really need an answer…maybe you just want to start fresh.  He may be calling you…it might not be for a 21 day fast…it might not be during lent…it might be just because He wants you bring nearer to Him.  It could be getting up an hour earlier to spend time quietly in His presence…it could be turning off the television or the radio or Facebook for a few weeks…it could be letting go of something that has become too important to you.  You might be prompted just as I have been and tempted to say “I can’t do it!”  But let me assure you…just as Paul tells us in Philippians 4:13…you can do ALL things through Him who gives you strength!  Is today your Fat Tuesday?

Be still, and know that I am God.  Psalm 46:10

Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.  Jeremiah 33:3

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