A Few of my Favorite Things #3…Let there be Light!

I am constantly getting myself in trouble with my husband at Christmas time because of one of my favorite things…Christmas lights!  While we don’t have them on the outside of our house (yet!) they are in several places inside our house.  If I had it my way I would leave them on ALL the time and if my husband had it his way they would be on only on Christmas day.  We have compromised to have them on during the “awake” hours because the kids, even Jackson, say they are “pretty”…I’m training these kiddos well!  Turning them on is the first thing we do when we wake up and unplugging them is the very last thing we do before we go to sleep.  There is still some debate however about if we need to be home or not.

There have been several times on our way out the door that I have forgotten something only to find that my husband has pulled the plug on my lights!  I always plug them back in and many times I win…unless he goes back in after I do and turns them off again…to which I have at times known this and gone back in after he’s gone back in after I’ve gone back in.  We’ve played these shenanigans for 10 years all the while I’m thinking about how pretty they are and how nice it will be to walk into a house that isn’t completely dark and he’s only thinking about one thing…money!  The toll these pretty lights take on our electric bill.  He’s lightened up a lot believe it or not!

It might sound wasteful but there really is more reason for me to adore these lights then just that they are pretty.  When God sent us His son over 2000 years ago that first Christmas, He sent His Light into the world.  These lights remind me that in this dark world I have the Light…that special gift living in me …the Light of life that only comes from Jesus…and I am going to let it shine!

When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”  John 8:12

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