A Few of my Favorite Things #17…Festive Footwear

Oh you had to know one of my favorite things about Christmas was going to be the shoes!  What do shoes have to do with Christmas?  I can make anything about shoes!  Shoes make the outfit and when dressing in my Christmas best they are my starting point…my inspiration!  Tis the season for sparkle and shine, fur and in Fabulous Find Friday fashion…festive footwear! 

Last year my go-to shoes were these red platform heels…or as my husband calls them my Dorothy shoesHey Baby…if you click your heels together 3 times will we get home faster? Everyone needs some ruby slippers, right?  They’re the perfect pop of color to an all-black ensemble and oh so festive and far from basic black!  While mine are no longer available let me make a suggestion!  These red platform pumps are so classic and excellent for the Christmas season and a great deal at Target!  And for my flat-footed friends, I wouldn’t leave you out!  These floral ballet flats are available in-store at Target as well!

I love myself some sparkle and Christmas is the perfect time to bust out the special glitter pumps I save for festive occasions.  They’re more than just for New Year’s Eve!  These were the beauties last year that got me thinking less about shoes…and more about my walk.   For those of you who are hoping to add a little sparkle to your holiday looks, these glitter platforms are available at Payless.  And these fabulous glitter flats can be found at DSW.com.

My last find for you today comes from the more sensible side as last Friday I slipped on some unexpected ice and really hurt my knee.  It was a beautiful sunny day but there was a slick spot and my black platform suede booties were no match.  A week later it is still bothering me (which does not help the pain factor!) so I want to make sure we are all smart about our style this slippery winter season.  If you’re headed to a gathering make sure to be safe and sure-footed!  You don’t want to end up like me and hobbling around!  Thankfully there are boots these days that are functional, sensible…and cute!  I have these in black from last year and they safely got me to the bus stop with Emalynn this morning in the glorious fresh layer of snow!  Totes are a great quality brand of boot and quite affordable.  White is a fun option…if you dare…available at Kohls.

One simple “Happy Shoe Year” comment on Facebook nearly a year ago got my mind reeling with what I portray with what I claim to love.  Yes…I love shoes…but do I really LOVE shoes?  No, not really.  They are just things that are temporary and my love for them isn’t as serious as it once was.  I’m happy to say I’ve made it almost an entire year without a shoe purchase convicted not to indulge in what I certainly don’t need.  It hasn’t been too hard actually…well…boot season stung a little bit if we’re being honest…but it really made me take inventory…of my archives…and my heart.  AND even though I contemplated not setting in stone (because then I would have to stick to it!) I am going to make the committment right here and now to go another year with 1 exception…well besides the fact that the general consensus is that gifts do not count including and certainly not limited to Christmas, my birthday and any other “holiday”.  I am going to purchase 2 pairs of shoes for my sister’s wedding because she is my very best friend and this.is.a.big.deal!  Now…why 2 pairs you ask?  Well I purchased 2 pairs for my sister-in-law’s wedding several years ago…one for the ceremony and one for the reception (they were FABULOUS!) so what I do for one sister I have to do for the other…and the bride told me I have to…she’s the boss!  I don’t mess with her and a good matron of honor always does what she’s told!  Of course she will keep me accountable and I will certainly post when I find the perfect pairs!  It’s going to make shoe shopping pretty special instead of the flippant, selfish indulgence it used to be. 

So much has changed in just a year’s time.  Celebrating Christmas this year is much like celebrating freedom for me.  God set my heart free last Christmas and began a miraculous healing work.  It wasn’t physical…it was far greater.  My walk isn’t perfect or easy…but I’m glad Jesus reminds me everyday He’s been in my many shoes.  I won’t be thinking about the perfect outfit when I slip my festive footwear on this Christmas…I’ll be thinking about God’s perfect plan instead…which is immeasurably more than I could ever ask or imagine!  That’s my idea of a Happy Shoe Year! 🙂

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.   Philippians 4:8

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