F(5) Date Night!

I am usually not very indecisive about what to wear…however tonight is no ordinary date night.  We are celebrating 10 years of marriage!  I HAVE to look stunning for my wonderful husband!  So…this means…I need YOUR help!  I have narrowed it down to 3 options…all which will look fabulous with my new favorite accessory…I mean really…what DOESN’T go with diamond earrings!?  This week’s F(5) is a little different but like I said…I just can’t decide.  This is so not like me!

My first option is actually a LBD from high school.  Praise the Lord it still fits AND it’s slimming!  It is a sleeveless v-neck velvet dress…a little on the short side but not too short.  I like to pair it with this sparkly black fly-away cardigan, black tights and tall black boots but for tonight I will probably wear heels.  Which ones…I haven’t even gotten there yet.  Anyway…that’s option #1…what do you think?

Option #2 is this gorgeous brocade jacket embroidered with silver throughout by Isaac Mizrahi.  I love the color…sort of a deep raspberry.  It looks fabulous paired with my Superfine 110 wool trousers from J.Crew (one of my husband’s favorites).  I’ve also worn the velvet dress from option 1 under it and that looks good, too.  I THINK I want to wear a dress…this is 10 years afterall…but I’m not sure.

Option# 3 I have only worn twice and I LOVE it!  I’ve been trying to think of a reason to wear it again.  It is an all-over sequin dress (LOVE myself a sequin) in a blush by Lauren Conrad.  The color is subtle enough that it isn’t too much but I just love the sparkles…so subtle yet so pretty.  It’s also a great excuse to wear those sparkly platforms!  

Okay…now…I just need you to VOTE!  What is your favorite option?  This is my FIRST Poll and I can’t think of anything more fun! 🙂

I also just HAD to share the sweetest anniversary card we have ever received from our sweet little Em.  She drew a picture of mama & daddy as a bride and groom and thanked Daddy for fixing cars and Mama making “dinr”.  Isn’t she the sweetest?  These past few days I have been so overwhelmed with God’s love and grace in our life.  These amazing children, the love He’s given the 2 of us, the grace He has showered us with…it’s enough to make all of the difficulties I face everyday just melt away.  God is so good!  And tonight…we celebrate His goodness!  

Thanks for all of you help!  Can’t wait to see what the verdict is so I can start accessorizing! 🙂

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.  Psalm 107:1

2 thoughts on “F(5) Date Night!

    • I wore the sequins with the sparkly shoes and Nathan loved it! 🙂 He said “I’ve never seen that before!?” 😉 Forgot to take pics :/. We went to Reds in Rockford and I had the Pear & Stilton Salad with grilled chicken…SO good! Creme brule for dessert! 🙂 The only bad thing…I ate too much! :/ It was a wonderful evening! 🙂

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