F(5) Bargain Hunter

Growing up the daughter of an avid deer hunter this time of year brings back a lot of memories of cooking, baking and shopping while Dad was in the woods.  Now while I have fired a gun, rather than hunt for deer I would much rather hunt for deals these days and with the frigid temperatures outside my door this morning it’s time to start thinking about dressing warm…cute…but warm!  So today I bring you as promised my favorite camouflage-inspired finds for all of you ladies who find yourselves alone while your man is in the woods…or you just want to do some bargain-hunting of your own!

We’ll start in my favorite department…boots!  Long gone are the days of ugly snow boots.  There are so many to choose from but my advice is to buy a good pair that are well-made.  They might cost a little bit more but will last several years.  I highly recommend Merrell.  Contrary to what you might think I do own flat boots, especially for snow.  I suggest a tall boot that can be worn over skinnies and under bootcut or flare pants.  I have a previous version of these and they are fabulous and will last forever!

One thing I cannot live without this time of year is a vest.  With carrying kids and bags and stuff and going from the car into buildings the last thing I want to have to do is to take my coat off because I get warm.  Who needs one more thing to keep track of?  Layering with a vest is a great alternative…especially when doing your holiday shopping.  This is another item that you will want to invest in because you will come back to it year after year.  This quilted vest from Timberland is well-made, classic and on sale…a great option!

Finding a fool-proof pair of casual pants that are not jeans to have on hand can be tricky.  I personally like a light-weight, comfortable option for those days that I want to be a little bit more polished.  A more unexpected neutral, fitting in with our theme nicely today, is an army green.  I was very excited to find these bootcut Sanctuary pants on sale at Piperlime. 

My most favorite camouflage-inspired item has to be my new bib necklace from my dear friend, Chrissy.  She has so many fantastic color combinations but I loved this one!  Check out Chrissy’s complete line of accessories at her online Etsy Store.  There is something for everyone and don’t forget, she makes custom items as well!

Last but not least, every hunter needs a little bit of orange to stand out, right?  For my dad…it was always a bright orange hat.  Personally, I prefer something a little bit more subtle like this loop scarf in fiery orange from Loft.  I just love the look and they are oh so warm!

They say it’s going to be a hard winter based on all of the fuzzy caterpillars and acrons we’ve been seeing.  I asked my sister who enlightened me about the catarpillars that since I ran over one with my car does that mean I squashed the coming hard winter?  When the temps start dropping I love to stay inside and cuddle by the fire.  But, inevitably I have to go out in the elements.  Warm and cute options really help my attitude…which isn’t always good when it comes to the cold.  Cold makes me hurt so much worse.  I know I am not alone!  I’m hoping this year however to really embrace the beauty of each season…even if it is inconvient, slushy, sloppy and bone-chilling cold.  The Lord wants us to be thankful in all things…even in the dead of winter!  Here’s to bundling up, being thankful, not complaining…and looking cute! 😉

Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.  1 Thessalonians 5:18

Do everything without complaining or arguing.  Philippians 2:14

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