There is invariably a point somewhere each and everyday where the volume of the chaos of my life gets to be too much and I have to turn it down.  Nine times out of ten…it’s in the car.  Three little ones seated side-by-side in my rearview mirror…I mean really…I’m just asking for trouble.  Bucket seats…is it wrong to pray for buckets?  Anyway…the SHHHHHHhhhhh!…it surfaces at least once a day.  But my children aren’t the only ones that need to be quieted…because there’s way more chaos going on than even those 3 little ones combined can muster up!

I was faced with a decision yesterday that had my mind reeling.  Take 10 steps backward…or step into the unknown?  Take the advice of one I trusted…or listen to what God told me a long time ago?  Give in to potential relief…or progress into further suffering?  I desperately needed to hear from the Lord and entered into my own self-induced, much needed 24-hour SHHHHHhhhhh!

I found it ironic that just Tuesday morning I spoke to 300+ women about hearing from the Lord and the very next day I found myself in that exact same position I had just been advocating.  I shouldn’t be surprised however.  Why wouldn’t God make me practice what I preach even as difficult as it was to endure!?  It wasn’t just they typical, daily listen to hear what He had to say that day and be blown away by His brilliance…that He is in every small detail.  It was a desperate plea….Tell me what to do!  I need you NOW!  I will never forget our youth pastor in high school saying God will always answer one of his children when you cry out to Him.  I write this to remind myself…HE.AWAYS.ANSWERS!

I decided to practice what I preach.  I was still and I believed that God is Who He says He is.  I spent 2 nap times, one evening and every spare second in prayer and in the Word and while I thought I was passing the time by simply doing my bible study lesson for next week today He spoke so powerfully I about lost my breath.  But of course He did!  I asked Him to!  God is so good…and so faithful.  Why am I so surprised?

The peace that has overcome my entire being is unexplainable.  It’s Him.  He does that.  What blows my mind is that He doesn’t have to but He does it anyway because He loves us that much!  Why do my problems, my physical ailments, my fears, my anxieties which are just a vapor…here today, gone tomorrow…even matter?  I guess it’s all because it’s a part of His plan.

The theme I’ve been sensing over the past few weeks is obedience.  I’ve been singing that little song we learned as kids in my head constantly…

Obedience is…the very best way…to show that you believe. 

Doing exactly what the Lord commands…doing it happily. 

Action is the key…do it immediately.  Joy you will receive. 

Obedience is…the very best way…to show that you believe.

My mom taught me that song in junior church before I was even in grade school.  It means more to me today than I ever thought possible.  Crazy, isn’t it?  It’s so freeing.  God is going to tell me what to do!  I don’t have to even worry about it!  So stinkin’ cool!  I thought I knew this but man alive…He sure made it real today.

This life is hard.  There is chaos all around.   But it is possible to be still.  God’s been telling me to stop back-seat driving for quite some time.  If I…the self–proclaimed Martha…can do it…anybody can!  God will speak…if you let Him!  SHHHHHhhhhhh!

Be still and know that I am God.  Psalm 46:10

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