Every good and perfect gift…

Yesterday was absolute perfection!  My husband took the day off from work to spend with me…just me!  It was the best gift!  Better than diamonds…a new car…a new house…time with him (alone) is a rarity and we spent the entire day soaking up some Pure Michigan and it was fabulous! 

He got coffee…I did not!…then we stopped at the golf shop then headed downtown Grand Rapids and had lunch at a little outside cafe, hit the driving range…ended up at Meijer because we needed a few odds and ends and Meijer has everything, you know…and finally ended our day in one of our favorite places reminiscent of when we were first dating…Grand Haven!  After dinner we walked the boardwalk and sat on the pier as the sun was setting in the most gorgeous, picturesque, romantic setting and just after Nathan asked for a kiss at sunset…the phone rang.

Nathan’s parents had called a little earlier to tell us his sister was in labor and I was hoping to get the call that said He’s here…he’s healthy!  and respond joyfully Yay…that’s great…congrats…we’ll come see him tomorrow…talk to you later….and promptly get back to our date.  You know…Grand Haven, sunset, alone with my husband…that didn’t happen.  Nathan’s dad called to tell us that the baby’s heart rate had dropped and that they had to go in for an emergency c-section.  We stopped right then and there at the water’s edge and prayed for God to protect the baby, Nathan’s sister and pleaded that everyone would be safe and sound and healthy.

No matter what we tried to talk about over the next hour it kept coming back to the baby.  Reliving our own experience these past few weeks has reminded us so much about God’s faithfulness with our healthy little vivacious 4-year-old Maxwell.  Now we were right back there only with our loved ones facing grave danger.   We know how they felt…we’ve been there!  While the circumstances weren’t exactly the same begging God is begging God and when it concerns your child you BEG!   And that is exactly what we were doing…again.

It seemed like an eternity until the phone rang an hour later.  My heart pounded as Nathan said hello and stepped away.  Weston Isaiah was born safely at 8:33 p.m.  He is the  largest grand baby yet weighing in at 7 lbs. 8oz. and 21″ long.  Praise God!  He answered our prayers and mom and baby were doing well.  The cord had been wrapped around the baby’s neck 3 times!  What a sigh of relief that everything was okay. 

God answered our prayers.  Meaning…He answered our prayers the way we wanted Him to. I’ll be honest I was on pins and needles until we got that relieving call knowing full well…just like I did 4 years ago…God’s answer may not have been what we thought it should be.  But God is faithful, merciful, just, gracious, all-powerful and good no matter what His answers are because He is unchanging.  His ways are not our ways.  I pray because I must.  I trust because I must. 

A wonderful gift…a day with my husband…was made even better with another gift given to our family sent straight from God.  And when I go meet that precious, perfect little one tonight that God so wonderfully created and sustained and protected I am going to rejoice in all of His greatness knowing full well that He is so good…no matter what!

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.   James 1:17

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