Feet First

Our little buddy bear Jackson in his classic persistent determination very recently decided that he was going to master climbing down the stairs.  It didn’t take very long and once he realized he could do it all by himself the silly, teethy look at me grins they started coming.  Our constant reminder to him is always “Feet First!” every single time he approaches the stairway…sometimes crawling backwards for 5 feet to get to it but hey…at least he’s listening!  In a home with two sets of stairs spanning 3 levels the only thing that stands in his way now is the basement door and thank you, Lord he hasn’t figure out how to open those yet!  I so admire that little guy’s drive to succeed…even if it is just to prove he can keep up with his brother and sister.

I’ve been struggling lately to really think about what God wants me to do with my extra time…little as it may be.  I’ve been offered several opportunities most of which are in the direct sales arena.  While I would love to spend time out with the girls one or two night a week selling products I really believe in I just haven’t felt led to leave my family and make the committment…not to mention it would be quite difficult…even impossible some nights to actually get out of the house.  But I’ve also had the thought…am I just scared to jump in feet first?  Isn’t success just a decision?  Something tells me that if Jackson decides to succeed in life…he will…he’s already proven that time and time again.  Am I any different?

God has specifically told me to focus on getting healthy this summer.  It’s a decision I make every day…and with His help I am succeeding!  One of the companies I’ve been presented with an opportunity with is called It Works Global…a health and wellness company.  Seems like a good fit, right?  After all it was an It Works book a very dear friend who is also a distributor felt led to give to me that got me started on listening to God on this whole health kick (as my husband calls it) to which I am so thankful!  The company is more than reputable, the products are outstanding, the team is amazing…but I just haven’t felt the Lord moving me to jump in.

Today I watched a video from It Works talking more about the business.  One of the questions was What keeps you from achieving your dreams?  I honestly couldn’t answer it because I don’t know what my dreams are right now.  I mean I have everything I’ve ever wanted…a wonderful husband who loves me immensely, amazing children that I get to spend everyday with.  We have a beautiful home and God has blessed us so richly…far greater than we deserve.  I may joke about the shiny, black Chevrolet Suburban LTZ I wish was sitting in my garage…but in reality…my dreams are made up of what no amount of money can buy.  My dreams are only things God can do.  What I dream of is a life without pain, fatigue and struggle…things that I probably won’t ever attain in this life…but I will someday!

Maxwell asked me today if there would be popsicles in heaven.  He’s a little bit concerned that he might have to spend eternity without them apparently as well as the fact that he can’t take his little stuffed bull dog, Teddy.  I told him that I wasn’t sure about popsicles in heaven but Jesus is there right now preparing a place for us.  I also told him that God knows exactly what we need because He made us so He’ll make sure it there’s when we’re in heaven with Him forever…and I’m thinking…Jesus is going to be all we need.  It took me like a millisecond to take what I told my son and apply it to myself.  No matter what the question…Jesus is the answer.

And He answered!  Nathan has asked me if in my spare time I would help him with a few more aspects of his business that he doesn’t have time to do.  My forte has always been being a good assistant and it fits very well with my conviction that my role is to be my husband’s helper however he needs me to be.  It also allows me to remain home instead of spending time away from our family.  And working right along side my very best friend?  There’s nowhere I’d rather be!

Today Emalynn, Maxwell and I could finally see the 3 little baby birds in the nest under our deck in perfect view from my office window.  They have affectionately been named them Twinkle, Cooper and Feathers.  They are so very close to jumping out of their nest and flying.  One actually did but had a really hard time fluttering back to the safety of the nest.  Oh what God revealed today!  I’ve got 3 little baby birds on my own!  In the same way the mama robin keeps bringing worms back every few minutes to those babies, my babies need me so much.  It’s the most wonderfully exhausting job I’ve ever had…but the very most important and astronomically rewarding as well.  They’re going to need me when it’s time for them to jump feet first into this world..and they’re going to need a safe nest to come home to in the wind and rain no matter how old they are.  Now that’s a job I want to jump into each day feet first!

Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already arrived at my goal, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me.  Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.   Philippians 3:12-14

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