F(5)…All Things Baby

I have a habit of calling Jackson a baby.  He is 16 months old now and quite a little tank so I often get corrected… “He’s NOT a baby!”  Well you know what…he is too!  He’s not talking much yet, takes 2 naps a day, he’ll be in diapers for at least another year and only has 7 1/2 teeth.  He’s a baby in my book!  I had the privilege of helping to take care of several other babies this week in the nursery at our church’s vacation bible school and it was great!  Many of them are around Jackson’s age so seeing them play and interact was so much fun.  This week my fabulous fashion finds are all about babies!

It is amazing with a room of approximately 10 babies when one has Cheerios…they all want Cheerios.  When one has their blankie…they all want their blankie.  And when one has a sippy…they all have to have a sippy.  It is certainly a must to label them however because babies just don’t think anything of picking one up and sharing…germs included.  One of the babies this week had the cutest label on her sippy.  They are from inchbug.com and fit around cups of many shapes and sizes and can be easily switched from one to another and are MUCH better than tape or address labels in which sticky residue is ALWAYS left behind (ew!).  SO cute and absolutely worth the money…especially with the time it takes to scrub and peel the alternative residue off.

Getting Jackson to walk didn’t take quite as long as it did Maxwell but we were certainly into the 13th month before he confidently got the hang of it.  One thing that really helped him confidently get on his feet was this Fisher Price Stride-to-Ride Dino.  It was given to us by our generous friend Chrissy and when we were done with it we passed it along to another little boy Jackson’s age…another friend we had the blessing to play with at church this week…who wasn’t walking as of a month ago and wha-la…he’s walking now!  I would highly recommend this toy…AND if your little mover doesn’t notice…you can turn the music off! 😉

When your little one is finally on the go finding the right shoes for their tender tootsies is never an easy feat.  In my defense…my shoe fast does have a loophole when shopping for my kiddos.  I find that my babies did better when first learning to walk barefoot.  But in places like the nursery a soft-soled shoe is a great option.  Your little walker won’t trip over thick, hard soles and they can move with ease protecting those sweet little piggies.  If there’s one brand that has been tried and true for my babies it’s Carter’s…from bibs to onesies to sleepers it never disappoints.  I love their line of crib shoes available at Kohl’s.  Don’t get me wrong I love the Carter’s store and they have great sales now & again but I quite often get 20-30% off coupons on top of sales at Kohl’s which makes shopping for baby simply delightful!   Who can resist those adorable little espadrilles!?  Of course the cutest little girl finds are when most of my friends and family are having boys…go figure!

I have a confession to make.  I…the clean freak…let my kids eat in the car.  Despite the insane messes it forces me to regularly clean it out and with our long commutes back and forth to church it is absolutely necessary.  Now that Jackson is front-facing he is much more apt to drop his snack and not only make a huge mess but he makes it impossible for me to give it back to him while I’m driving.  The solution?  This great Munchkin Snack Catcher!  It has two handles which make it easier for him to hang onto and he can get his snacks out and if he drops it…a minority of morsles slip out the top.  They come in a 2-pack and I’ve seen them at Meijer, Target and Babies R Us.  These things rock!

As I said we attempted to keep Jackson rear-facing the newly recommended 2 years but his legs were just too long.  We made it 15 months.  Finding a forward-facing seat is a struggle for many parents.  Many ask…do I spend the money for the absolute best or is there an alternative that is safe but less expensive?  We had this struggle just like every other parent.  The best option we found for the transition between infant seat to booster was the Evenflo Triumph.  It allows babies to stay rear-facing until they can be faced forward and goes up to 65 pounds!  A great thing about buybuy BABY is you can use current 20% off Bed Bath & Beyond coupons!  Thankfully for us Maxwell moved out of his seat and up into a high-back booster which opened up this seat for Jackson…but if you’re not that lucky during your transition remember to use those coupons!

I may be in denial about my baby being a baby but I don’t care.  He’s my baby.  The one I didn’t expect to get that’s for sure!  I think I’ll hold on a little longer!  Can you blame me?  Whether you’re shopping for your own baby, a gift for a family member or friend or your grandchild these are some great, affordable finds from a stay-at-home mom on a budget.  Happy shopping for all of the little blessings in your life!  Next week…my favorite finds from the Girls Night out at littlePOSH this coming Thursday night!

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.   James 1:17

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