F(5) Fabulously Frugal Local Finds

Okay so not all of my finds today are fashionable…it’s a compilation of great deals on products I’ve found over the past few weeks very close to home.  Things that actually work the way they are supposed to…things that make my life easier…things I can’t live without…okay certainly not all of them…but one thing is for sure…they are all at great prices and purchased without driving to the closest metropolis.  I much rather a 5 to10 minute drive to affordably purchase what I need (while avoiding traffic) so I’m not emptying the tank in still, yes, my gas guzzling SUV.  The search for the perfect car (or minivan)…that continues.  You’d think a personal shopper could figure that one out but when your husband rules that roost in that department and he’s picky…and I mean picky…not so much!  He sees a lot more cars roll through than I do everyday I suppose so that fashionable find will have to wait.

My first item is something I use at least 10 times a day…Meijer Lemon Disinfecting wipes.  That’s right, as the queen of knock-offs in my never-ending love affair of Meijer found their 35 count wipes 3 for $5 this week!  I’m telling you these things are ingenious and compared to their Clorox counterparts at $2.99…this is a great deal!  Quick clean-ups are a must with 3 sets of dirty little hands sweetly smudging, spilling and smearing.  We go through these babies pretty quickly.  I’m not a full-fledge germaphobe but these do ease my OCD just a tad!  I have a container in each bathroom, in the kitchen and the car.  Someday I’ll be able to take the time to disinfect with rags and bleach when I don’t have little ones under foot but for now…these handy helpers are my friends!

My next find is (shocking) another Meijer brand item and also something I use at least 10 times a day.  Diapers.  I’ve been buying them for nearly 6 years now.  I have not always been as wise but after a while I learned that I cannot, will not, do not pay full price for diapers…ever!  I do not know how people can justify Pampers…seriously!  I pay my respects to the mamas who are dedicated to cloth diapering by the way.  You totally rock but my baby’s tender tush just can’t do it or I would be tempted and not just to save money!  Anyway…Meijer just re-formulated their house brand diaper and I can honestly say they are better than Luvs and without the horrible fake powder smell…yuck…they don’t do well imitating Pampers in that department…especially post-soil…ewww.  In the last week Jackson hasn’t had a single leak and they are so stinkin’ cute!  They have the most adorable little elephants on them!  So…I guess this is a fashionable find seeing as how hot it’s been he’s been strutting his stuff in just his diaper from time-to-time.  At a little more than $.16 each who can resist when we all know what happens to them…sometimes in less than 60 seconds!

We are in the home stretch of Project Basement at our house.  Decor has certainly been on the back burner since completing livable space is front and center.  This weekend we’re committed to get ‘er done!  I did however find a fantastic set of 4 pictures for a real bargain that I just couldn’t pass up…$14.95.  Where, you ask?  Pamida!   I went in to find some sandals for Jackson and came up short but came out scoring big for my stairway!  There were other color combinations as well so if you’ve got a bare wall that needs some pizazz…check out Pamida!  Who knew-?

Another hometown value brings me to my next find.  Maxwell’s motivation for potty training last March were Lightning McQueen sunglasses and riding the tractor.  The tractor we had but Nathan found the officially licensed Disney glasses at Meijer for $7.99.  They of course broke by the end of summer.  Today while waiting for a prescription at Momber’s Pharmacy in Sparta Maxwell spotted this red pair and HAD to have them.  Guess how much?  $2.99!  While they don’t display his favorite character he’s as happy as a clam…and very cute I might add for just 3 bucks!  They’ll probably last longer too seeing how for some reason the cheaper the sunglasses the longer they seem to last?

Alright this last find is kind of funny.  Okay it’s really funny.  But I have discovered the absolute best wood filler.  Me. The girliest girl on the planet I know…hilarious and not that everyone needs a wood filler but if you do, I’ve found one that sands remarkably smooth (yes, I know how to sand thanks to miles and miles of trim).  It’s oddly made by the same company that also makes the best glue sticks…this I know from 3 going on 4 years of having a student attending the Sparta Co-Op preschool…Elmer’s!  We found this at Rockford Hardware and I’m telling you the slogan…”Ace…the Helpful Place”…they’re not joking!  This store has amazing customer service!  Consequently we’ve purchased other things we’ve needed there as well and will certainly be going back  If you sign up for Ace Rewards you can do rebates online…super fast…super easy and my kind of rebate not to mention coupons and discounts. 

While many of these items…well most of them aren’t necessarily “fashionable” saving money is always in style!  Who can’t afford to save an extra few dollars these days whether it be in your bank account or your gas tank?  Obviously as the wife of a small business owner I am a huge proponent of supporting small businesses and shopping local.  All of these finds support locally owned and/or operated businesses which hire local people.  You CAN shop affordably at stores, shops and markets in your own hometown!  Remember that the next time you walk into Walmart (or even my beloved Target).  Is it worth the extra cost in fuel to drive that much farther to save $1.47?  To some it is.  But at $4+ a gallon, before you trek, do the math!  I can attest to the fact that our family business hasn’t been in business since 1952 based on price alone…but more importantly by building relationships based on honesty and integrity providing quality products and service at a fair price.  There is more to business than discounts…which is why many loyal customers actually drive further to visit us to get a better quality product and service trading with people they trust rather than simply pay less at Wally World…or Muffler Man…or the closest quick lube…to which we sincerely thank them!  God wants us to be good stewards of the resources He’s given us which has us all thinking a little bit more about the decisions we make.  It’s a shame it takes a rough economy to put us in touch with making wiser choices.  I suggest as you ponder that you would consider supporting your local merchants and business owners no matter where you live!  You’ll be amazed at the satisfaction you will feel and the appreciation you will receive!  Next week…’tis the season…the best (locally owned) places to visit to make your home fashionably fabulous with curb appeal (even if you don’t have a green thumb!).

Proverbs 22:3

A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions.
      The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences. (NLT)

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