Here we go again…

I find that part of this human gig is that for the most part we all have some kind of problem or uncertainty pretty much all the time….kind of a given in a fallen world.  The question is…what do we do with it?  While we’re supposed to cast all our cares on the Lord and look to Him for guidance and wisdom…how often do we really fully give our troubles to Him without taking them back?  A friend once said it this way…”Last night I said ‘I trust You, Lord…no I don’t!’  I may as well be honest with Him if I’m just going to take it right back!”  I thought that was so painfully true! 

Just when I thought I could take just a little break from intense prayer, reflection, fasting and (yes) writing…the Lord presented another opportunity for Nathan and I to lay an area of our life at His feet.  Just like the last time I have complete and total peace and I know He will show us what we need to know.  The answer will only be found in Him and while it will most likely take a season of prayer to get to where He wants us…the key is probably pretty darn simple.  Just like the John 12 Project was to surrender ALL…basically what I should be doing anyway…seeking His wisdom in this area will probably reveal something I should already know but hasn’t quite sunk in yet.

We sang and praised the Lord for conquering the grave after dying for our sins yesterday.  “He is RISEN!” we all proclaimed.  But…what do we really believe if we trust Him with eternity…but not today?  He wants us to call on Him with the smallest of need…with everything!  He is ALIVE for a reason!  He is calling right now!  He is speaking to guide us everyday…but are we listening?  And who are we looking to in order to solve our problems…big or small?  In the past I’ve found myself asking…”Hmmm…Who can I pick up the phone and call to help me out?”…whether I was down & out or even just in a little snag.  When that person came through for me was it because I thought to call them…or was it because God placed them in my life and by His leading they decided to help me?  Another question I’ve asked…”What is (or isn’t) the government doing for me?  What person can be put in place to be looking out for me?”  For a while the temptation was that I needed to rally and petition and join a movement and make sure this person or that person got into office to make sure my agenda and what’s best for me is passed.  I think we give ourselves (and others) WAY too much credit I’m afraid.  We don’t always “figure things out” on our own…God’s hand is in every little detail whether we choose to acknowledge Him or not…to which I am totally over politics by the way.  What was once a passion for action and change and the “right” way to do things is now a passion for communion and wisdom and guidance and security from Someone WAY more wise and caring and loving than any government official.

I really do believe God gave me a head on my shoulders to use it.  But the biggest part of using my head is to acknowledge that pretty much what I know is not all that much.  I’ve basically re-learned everything in recent months…tough to do when you’re a stubborn redhead to which it is by God’s grace and mercy that He’s revealed all He has.  Again…why He would even care is beyond me.  The reality is…no matter what the problem…no matter what the need…no matter what the size…the answer is Jesus.  I don’t care who you are, what your dilemma, how you were raised, what baggage you have…how much you hurt or struggle or suffer…it doesn’t matter.  THE answer is Jesus. 

Last night Nathan and I decided by the Lord’s leading in this season of prayer and fasting (mainly from our former obsession with Fox News) to study the book of James this summer.  I had an entire list of books I wanted to read, but this seems much more important.  Those books will have to wait.  And…what better book to read than the Bible…especially when we really want to seek God and His guidance.   The book of James is one I love.  So many key verses have brought me through many difficult time.  It is one of those books that tells all we need to know about how to live…but are we really doing it?  I know we will be challenged immensely and I am sure challenges and frustrations and temptations will arise.  Nonetheless I am really excited for what God is going to reveal.  He never disappoints after all.

So here I am…once again…at His feet with a matter far too complex for me to even start to dissect…which seems to be a trend that certainly won’t end with this particular thing.  He’s given us insight…but each day we will trust Him to lead us through His Word, through His voice, through those He has placed in our life to find where on this path He will take us.  Would it be easier to let it ride and hope it all turns out for the best?  Absolutely!  But we believe bringing this to Him is an act of obedience…so that is what we are doing.  Into another season of prayer…here we go again…

If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.  But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.   James 1:5-6

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