Whiter than snow…

I woke up this morning and opened my blinds and do you know what I did?  I rolled my eyes!  A world of white…and it’s April 18.  Really!?  I was so tempted to crawl back in bed and proclaim it a personal snow day.  In fact that is exactly what Emalynn asked…”Can’t we have a snow day?”  Something inside me…certainly not me…told me not to complain or be grumpy.  So…I really tried to make the best of it scrambling to dig out boots and snow pants and still get out the door on time.  We did it!  Whew-hew!

We stopped at the shop on our way back so the boys could say “Hi” to daddy (our morning routine) and it was just wonderful to see his smiling face.  And…it never hurts that your husband says you look hot even when you just throw on a hat and rebel against doing your hair!  It’s one of those kinds of days and there was even blessing in that!  I’m really glad I choose not to complain!  AND…we kept the snow tires on a bit longer this year…bonus!

On the way back from school I prayed…Lord what is the purpose in this?  The phrase “whiter than snow” came to mind.  Ah…Jesus has washed my sins whiter than snow.  How appropriate this Holy Week.  Suddenly the snow wasn’t so wretched.  It was an incredible reminder of what Jesus did for me. 

I’ll think we’ll add this verse to our devotional tonight as a reminder that Jesus died on the cross and rose again so that we could be saved…and now our sins are whiter than snow!


Purify me from my sins, and I will be clean; wash me, and I will be whiter than snow..  Psalm 51:7  NLT

2 thoughts on “Whiter than snow…

  1. What a beautiful reminder during this special week. Thank you so much. I try not to ‘wish’ things had happened differently, but it is tempting to wish I had read this blog post today before I opened my blinds!

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