F(5) My Top 10 Pieces

As promised this week’s Five Fabulous Fashion Finds on Friday brings my Top 10 wardrobe staples for Spring and Summer.  Notice you won’t find a pair of shorts on here…why?  Because I look terrible in them!  I think I have one pair…maybe?  However, you will find many fantastic pieces that can be mixed and matched and that will work for any body type!  So without further adoo…here they are!

#10- Denim Mini

A great alternative to shorts a denim mini is a must-have in any Spring/Summer wardrobe.  I love this one from Old Navy.  The length is great…not too short…not too long…and at $19.50…perfection!



#9- LBD…aka Little Black Dress

In the summer a great black dress is ideal for everything from a date night to a wedding.  I have many LBD’s so to pick just one was quite a feat.  This is very similar to one I purchased last summer from Target and ended up wearing it all the time.  It was comfortable and figure flattering and very reasonable…more like a steal at $20!  I’ve already worn it once this Spring on a warm day and can’t wait to wear it again!  A v-neck elongates the torso (mine is very short that I’ll take anything I can get) and a hemline just above the knee is the best length pretty much on everyone making this a fantastic find!

#8- Jackie Cardigan

I have had the same coral J. Crew Jackie Cardigan for 8 years and I have worn it hundreds and hundreds of times.  For me the color is perfect for Spring and Summer and I’ve paired it with everything from maternity shirts to mini skirts.  The classic crew neck and three-quarter sleeves are great for a crisp Spring day or a cool Summer night.  It’s a staple in J.Crew’s line year after year and while coral isn’t available right now there are many other great options….my favorites are Bavarian Blue and Radiant Orchid.  You can’t beat the quality and it’s well worth the money.

#7- Favorite Tank

I have a plethora of J. Crew favorite tanks in many, many hues because I wear at least one every single day at some point.  They are so comfortable and a great layering piece.  They can be worn whether you’re working out or going to work.  I love, love, love them!  Everyone should have at least one in black and white and who can resist the other fabulous colors?  Clearly…not me!

#6- Dark Wash Jeans

I currently have an inner conflict…2 favorite pairs of jeans.  I don’t think this has ever happened before.  I have my favorite skinnies and my new favorite flares.  One may out-rank the other soon but as of now they are tied.  Dark wash denim is the most flattering on any body type and can be dressed up or down as an overwhelming pick by stylists everywhere…just as Stacy and Clinton!  I know that trying on jeans can be…well…not much fun…and some despise it…claiming it is just as painful as bathing suit shopping.  My advice is forget about the size on the label…buy what fits perfectly!  Believe me…I’d love to buy a size 6 and dream to someday be even regular length let alone tall…but…I’m a 10 short…if I’m lucky with a really good cut an 8.  No matter how much I work out….no matter how much I diet…that’s just how God made me.  That’s right…I just told you my size…who does that!?  Well…it is what it is…and coming from someone whose wedding gown was a size 20…I feel pretty good about those numbers after 3 babies.  Trust me…I’ve been many different sizes…and many times not the size I wanted to be…but when I buy what fits and flatters my body I look (and feel) great…and you will too! 

#5- Sunnies

I HAVE to have my sunglasses…rain or shine.  I have the most sensitive eyes so any twinge of brightness outside makes me have to squint…and squinting leads to…wrinkles…ah!  So my solution…BIG sunnies!  My favorites…just like jeans…I usually only have one…are these Vera Wang Sunglasses from Kohl’s.  Don’t forget those coupons on top of sale prices!

#4- Cropped Cargo Pants

As I said, I look terrible in shorts so when it is really hot I love cropped cargo pants in a light weight fabric such as these from The Limited.  I have them in a light khaki but my current favorite is army…my new neutral.

#3- Cropped White Denim Jacket

In the Spring and Summer I pull this out more than any other jacket.  I LOVE it because it looks great with dark denim, over dresses and with skirts and gives a crisp, clean look to anything I put on.  When I bought it I had no idea how versatile it would be but it was one of the best buys I’ve found from Old Navy.

#2- Silk Tank

I adore a silk tank because it can go great with jeans or dress up a cardigan with a skirt or be a great underpinning for a suit.  It also softens a military look with ease.  Every wardrobe should have at least one!  I would suggest an off white or pale pink.

#1- Open Toe Black Wedges

That’s right…I narrowed it down to ONE essential pair of shoes.  I wear black wedges more than any other shoe in the summer.  They are right outside my back door…in fact…I wore them this morning.  The closest version I could find like my favs are these from Payless.  You can dress them up or down…you get comfortable height…it’s just the best wear-with-everything shoe. 

So there you have it…my top 10 favorite Spring and Summer pieces that I’ve worn countless times over the course of several years.  You can trust they will be just as tried and true for you as well as affordable and made with quality.  Happy shopping and remember…while it is fashionably fun to be beautiful on the outside, true beauty that shines through from the inside is what really matters.  XOXO


But God told Samuel, “Looks aren’t everything. Don’t be impressed with his looks and stature. I’ve already eliminated him. God judges persons differently than humans do. Men and women look at the face; God looks into the heart.”  1 Samuel 16:7 (The Message)

4 thoughts on “F(5) My Top 10 Pieces

  1. I have those same wedges! I got them last year and they are my favorite! I can wear them with slacks at work, jeans for the evening, or shorts to the marina. Cute, cute, cute! And the price – AMAZING! Only at Payless can I find cute, affordable, shoes in my big dutch-girl size! 🙂

  2. Jen, this is so you. What a great post. Thank you for including me with this info. I love the cropped pants and the short jacket. Those are my favorite pieces for Spring/Summer. Plus working my business with a cute skirt and silk top is also a must. We should shop together… or maybe not…serious trouble.

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