I love saying “The Boys”…as in plural.  Coming from a family of 2 girls and a major girly girl myself I never thought I’d have 1 boy let alone 2 of them!  I asked the ultrasound techs with each of them countless times…”Now…you’re sure?”  It’s funny that each individual tech said verbatim as if there’s some type of training for mommies in doubt…”Yes…that’s a penis…and those…those are testicles.”  It’s a whole new world for me this boy stuff…and I LOVE it!

I found out today that we are going to have another boy in the family.  Nathan’s sister is expecting their second boy due in August.  He will be the 5th grandchild, and the 4th born in August.  Poor Jackson is the only odd ball in February and Emalynn the only girl and reigning princess.  It’s funny because my father-in-law was his father’s only son, their last child born when his parents were in their early 40’s.  I believe the newspaper birth announcement said something to the effect of “The World is Now Safe” implying there was a Benham boy furthering the family name.  My husband Nathan is the only Benham boy in his family carrying the family name on with 2 boys!  His sister is now going to have 2 boys!  We’re busting at the seams with B-O-Y and I LOVE it!

It’s amazing to me how in the same way Emalynn knew to carry a handbag and could wear my high heels effortlessly at the age of 12 months how my boys knew how to make car noises before they could even walk.  They even know how to make the gear shift noises!?  Incredible.  All I can say is that its inept.  God makes them this way and I LOVE to see it!  Nathan brought home a tool catalog the other day and left it on the counter for Max.  He said it’s good “Man Training”.  I don’t think Max and Jack need “Man Training” since they already want to be just like him…and he wants to be just like his dad.  It’s awesome!

I have never in my life witnessed a father/son relationship like my husband has with his dad.  Ferd was Nathan’s best man in our wedding.  They work together all day, everyday and quite often he comes to our house after a long day and helps with projects like cutting tile and delivering doors and trim or just to stop & say ‘hi” to our kiddos who adore him.  I have seen how a wonderful father raises a son who turns into a wonderful father himself thus creating a wonderful grandfather…and I am so thankful to him.  I know the reason I have such an incredible husband and father to my children is because he has an extraordinary example in his dad! 

Oh what joy God has bestowed on our family.  What a blessing for Ferd as a grandfather to have an awesome godly influence and dynamic relationships with these 4 boys both as a group…and individually!  I’m not sure I’d say the world is “safe”…but I know ours is certainly in God’s hands…so I guess we are!

Sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from him.  Psalm 127:3

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