You Stink…again!?

I have had children in diapers for 5 1/2 years now and I have at least a year to go…and that’s wishful thinking.  I have also had double diaper duty twice…as in 2 kids in diapers…for months on end.  Needless to say I’ve changed like a gazillion diapers in my lifetime.  However…my little Jackson is a heavy hitter.  That boy can dirty a diaper faster than any I have ever seen…or smelled!  I have changed more baby bombs since this boy has been done with formula in the last month than I ever did with my first two.  My phrase lately seems to be…”You stink, again!”

Part of Jackson’s regularity if you will could be due to his enormous appetite.  His nick  name is “Tank” because that’s pretty much what he is.  This boy doesn’t miss a meal…ever!  He also has some major food envy going on…if anyone has anything to eat he’s all over it.  I’m not sure if that is due to his love of food or his insistence for equality.  All to which I’m sure play a part in the frequent filling of his diapers…two nasty numbers already today which reminds me…we’re almost out of wipes…yikes!

Last night I had given he and Maxwell a bath at the same time.  I got Jackson out of the tub first and put his jammies on and then went back for Max.  Jack followed me back in the bathroom and I no sooner than Max’s feet hit the floor and put the towel around him and…sniff, sniff…sure enough…Jackson was stinky….again!  Seriously!?  Why must it be after the bath…ugh!  I had half a notion to stick him back in but the reality is he’ll probably fill it again anyway before bedtime so there is no use even trying. 

On a side note…I’m not one that likes to complain about the baby stage because I love it.  Well…I love every stage…they’re all “my favorite”.  Of course I haven’t reached the teenage years yet and I’m realizing that I am going to have 3 teenagers at the same time so that one might not be a favorite…we’ll see.  Anyway…I don’t want to rush Jackson into potty training or anything it’s just really funny to me that every time I turn around this little guy is stinking to high heaven.  He broke the mold this one!

I’m not sure what made me think of a book I once read the other day called “The Oath” by Frank Peretti but it very well could be that little reoccurring stench that seemed to be following me around all day.  I wondered…”Do I stink to God?”  In this book the author equated a terrible stench to the deadly sins in people’s lives.  It was a very long time ago that I read it but I remember once certain people who believed in reason as their god who lived in this small mountain village started smelling really badly because of their mounting sins, they then started to ooze blackness from their chests and became suddenly abandoned as if everyone knew that something terrible was going to happen to them…though the individuals were completely aloof.  Each of the individuals were then hunted by a dragon who lived on sin.  The book was symbolic that the result of sin is death as it says in Romans 6:23.   Thank goodness we don’t have an overwhelming oozing odor every time we have a bitter thought…or find ourselves envious of our neighbor…or covet something we don’t have…or speak ill of another…let alone get devoured by a dragon! 

Not one of us, myself included, wants to admit we are wrong nor do we ever like to talk about our sins, but ignoring it doesn’t make it go away.   Just like Jackson’s frequent stench doesn’t go unnoticed…neither does our sin.  God sees it all.  I told a friend of mine yesterday that I was being selfish because I wanted Chinese take-out for dinner and depressingly decided not to cook since I was sad that Nathan was out-of-town on business.  She said to me “No you’re not!  You’re the least selfish person I know!”  I found that very ironic since I’ve realized the source for all of my sin is my selfishness…putting myself first…paying attention to only what I want…trying to make myself look better than I really am.  I pray everyday for God to forgive me for it.  I have a hard time believing sometimes that he doesn’t say…”You stink, again!?”  But just like I lovingly change diaper after dirty diaper, God keeps right on faithfully forgiving me …seventy time seven…casting my sin as far as the east is from the west…because His Son paid the price for my sins…because He loves me more than I can possibly imagine.  How could He not….I mean…I can’t say I would personally be willing to give up my little stinker for someone else. 

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.  Romans 6:23