March Madness

I’m not talking about basketball, folks…I’m talking about the deep longing for Spring…enough to drive me batty on a cold, wet day!  Seriously…I peeked inside all of those stacked shoe boxes in my closet today…asenine idea!  Like I can really pull off open toes in the 2″ of standing water in my driveway alone.  Oh the fabulousness that I’m telling you has been cooped up in the dark for WAY too long!   So…what to do in the meantime.  Well for starters stop living in la-la land and put the tops back on those boxes and do what I always seem to do in March…keep myself occupied!

March for me is slated as “slim down” month in anticipation for the summer months and consequently less clothing to cover up what I less-than-affectionately in Bridget Jones honor call “wabbly bits”.  Yeah…those have got to go!  Thankfully a near 3-week sinus infection induced lack of appetite gave me a little head start when it comes to dropping poundage.  Nathan looked at me the other day and said “Maybe we should go on a diet?”  Little did he know my grocery list and menu was based on shoving that crock pot…thus winter comfort food…back in the pantry and busting out the grill baby!  Now…if I could get him on board with turkey burgers, we would be in business.  I think I’ll have just about as much luck with that as getting my color scheme for the basement passed…which brings me to my next March mission!

While the later part of February is commonly reserved for sniffles and sneezes, the  “in like a lion, out like a lamb” however has for some reason traditionally been centered around painting.  This year is no exception!  I will aggressively and literally be diving into the basement once the drywall is complete.  I have 2 weeks to make color selections.  My inspiration?  I am obsessed with blue!  It’s energizing and different than the warm and rustic hues I’ve selected for the upstairs, but will all be orchestrated together with complimenting brown neutral accents so it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb from the rest of the house.  If you’re looking to start a paint project, I recommend using Behr’s virtual design library to explore your palate…plus it is a good quality paint at an affordable price!  Getting blue on the wall however…that’s another story.  So far the only place it’s been negotiated is the half bath…by far the smallest room in our house.  I’m contemplating bathing the walls of one of the largest rooms in our abode the same gorgeous Asian-inspired color as the seas of Bali…it’s going to require some finagling on the Nate-r-bug front!

Speaking of finagling…I am the master at pulling out summer dresses this time of year and fashioning them together with cold weather garments so they’re warm enough to wear.  I wish I could do that with my metallic ruffle wedges, cage-style “Carrie” shoes and sling back cork soled heels.  Somehow tights paired with them just doesn’t quite work.  Oh well…I always have my black stilletos…classic, stylish…the perfect “can’t go wrong” shoe.  I just need to remind myself there will be plenty of warm, dry days to come in what I’m sure I will long to be an endless summer come May.  But…in Mid-August I’ll be ready to break out the tall boots again.  Fickle, I know.  What can I say…we can’t all live in LA and wear sandals everyday.  Living in Michigan is the perfect excuse to have twice as many shoes, right?

Do you find yourself in your own March Madness longing for sunshine and sandals, salads and sundresses?  What do you do to repel against cabin fever?   Do you escape to someplace warm and restful?  Do you shiver and wear short sleeves in denial when it’s “warm” out as it barely reaches 30 degrees like I do?  Perhaps you start a project to pass the time.  However you cope with the Madness that is March, may each and every dreary day make us thankful for every single breathtakingly beautiful one the Lord creates for us to enjoy!

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.  Ecclesiastes 3:1

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