Baby Talk

Some might think of me as a terrible mother but I honestly cannot remember when our first two children said “I love you”.  I’m quite sure it wasn’t as early as 12 months however.  Yesterday I was laying Jackson down for his afternoon nap and like always I said to him softly “Good night, buddy…I love you!” and he responded “I love you!”  I squealed with delight and repeated “I love you” and he said it again “I love you”.  We did this three more times and I giddily decided I had better let him actually go to sleep or nap time might pass me by…and we all know that would not be a good thing!  I just wish I could have recorded it!

My heart literally melted I was so overcome with joy.  My cute, sweet little boy…you know the one the unrolls the toilet paper and throws the entry way bench cushion on the floor about one hundred times everyday, and gets into the entertainment cabinet and turns up the volume of the receiver full blast while clearing out all of the DVD’s and flings my flowers from the sofa table shelf across the room all the while laughing hysterically…the one we say gives us a “run for our money”…”the third time is a charm”…he said he LOVES me!  I know love is technically a verb but those words meant so much to me!  And even though in his adorable innocence he defies my wishes quite often, he also does show me just as much that he loves me…maybe that’s why those precious words meant so much.

Every time Jackson only wants mommy to pick him up after taking a (all too often these days) tumble, every time Jackson lays his little head on my shoulder and pats my back, every time Jackson giggles with glee when gear up to tickle his pudgy little tummy and with a silly crescendo….

“iiiiiiiiiiiIIIIIIIIIII Loveyouloveyouloveyouloveyouloveyou!”….

that sweet little belly laugh is just pure love…something only I have with him…no one else. 

These moments are such a gift from God.  All of these new milestones that we seem to be reaching daily with him are such a reminder of that.  To be able to experience all of these firsts again…it takes my breath away.  It makes me so giddy that every time he starts to take a few independent shaky steps it makes me stop everything and say enthusiastically “He’s walking, HE’s WALKing, HE’S WALKING OOOoooohhhhh” and down he goes.  We’re not walking yet but it could be any day…this guy can cruise like it’s an art form! 

In many ways I’m much more laid back, naturally of course, as a mother.  But in many ways, I am even more excited than I was with Emalynn the first time around with all of these changes from baby to toddler.  It is just so exciting and something I can only try to explain.  I know Jackson will say many, many new phrases in the coming weeks.  But I’m pretty sure my favorite by far will be “I love you”.  I’m going to soak up every second with this little miracle because I am so thankful for all of these firsts…with my last!

Children are a gift from the LORD;  they are a reward from Him.  Psalm 127:3 (NLT)